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Invitation Text for checking


Believing marriage to be ordained
by God
Agnes Ruth

together with our parents
Mr. Severino M. Manangu  |  Mrs. Judith Victoria V. Manangu
Mr. Alfredo T. Fronda  |  Mrs. Adoracion V. Fronda

invite you to worship with us
and witness our vows
as we are united in Christ

Friday, May twenty-eight
at seven o’ clock in the morning
Twenty hundred and ten

Makati Park and Garden
JP Rizal Extension, West Rembo
Makati City, Metro Manila
Reception follows at the same venue


Maria Vera Venturanza-Yu  |  Atty. Alberto E. Venturanza
Lourdes M. Manangu  |  Gilbert M. Manangu
Adela B. Tupas  |  Henry V. Tupas
Isidora F. Castro  |  Fernando M. Castro

Nora N. Carpio  |  Danilo T. Rodero
Leticia V. Agapay  |  Perfetoo V. Lope
Geoffrey L. Uymatiao  |  Fe V. Capistrano
Marichu Daisy S. Jimenea  |  Joey A. Bermudez


Aristheo V. Fronda
Arnold V. Fronda


Angela Rosa V. Tagnia
Daniele Nicole D. Brion


Alvin V. Fronda
Michael Julian V. Manangu
Romeo Ben V. Manangu
Randy C. Olap
Allan G. Expression
Kristofferson M. Tenorio


Abigail V. Fronda
Ana Marie V. Fronda
Alexandra V. Lapa
Raissa May S. Venturanza
Maria Rica S. Venturanza
Jenny Laine M. Cesar


Airon V. Fronda


Arabella V. Fronda


To light our path
Avelina B. Urriza
Ptr. Isagani M. Maningas Jr.

To clothe us as one
Virna Naomi S. Venturanza
James Ross V. Tagnia

To bind us together
Maya B. Lope
Ptr. Enrico S. Lucena

To carry our symbol of love
Gianni Luigie A. Manangu

To carry our symbol of treasure
Isaiah Christopher V. Rempillo

To carry our symbol of faith
Jamaric Jes S. Urriza

To shower our aisle with flowers
Alexandria Mitchelle M. Sulit
Venice T. Manangu
Lali L. Borlaza

Pastor Romeo C. Nicolas

Formal Dress

Adult reception

We have reserved __ seat/s for you.
The favor of a reply is requested

Alvin 0923 920 1583
Michael 0922 845 0296 / 02 824 9596
Robby 0922 845 0295 / 02 824 9596

Love the joy of choosing gifts?
Wrap the chosen captive?
If thoughts elude in this regard
gifts in envelopes are attractive!


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“Invitation Text for checking”

  1. On April 19th, 2010 at 5:04 PM te mice Says:

    Hi art & aggie!are you done w/ the invitation?if not, correction for tatay pepe’s name —- PERPETUO O. LOPE…ok lang po if di na maihabol…God bless!

  2. On April 20th, 2010 at 9:32 PM aggie Says:

    Hi, Ate Mice! Oo naku buti na lang din you told us. I think napagawa na rin ni Art yung change. Thanks so much :)

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